Pain IS…

I know pain all to well.

Pain is falling off your bike and scraping your knee at the age of 7.

Pain is watching your dad pack his bags at the age of 12.

Pain is watching your sister move with your grandmother at the age of 14.

Pain is watching the guy you thought you loved flirt with other girls in front of your face.

Pain is hearing you need to loose weight at the age of 15.

Pain is being benched your last game of the cheering season because your coach didn’t feel you fit the uniform.

Pain is feeling helpless to have a relationship with your dad during high school.

Pain is getting engaged at the age of 18, only to be made like you’re not good enough months later.

Pain is having to live with the man you love, but he doesn’t love you at the moment.

Pain is seeing him fall for someone else..

Pain is being in a new relationship twice, only to get cheated on twice.

Pain is getting back with the man you loved but seeing it fall to fire right before your eyes.

Pain is loosing yourself AGAIN..

Pain is seeing him get with who he thought was the girl of his dreams.

Pain is seeing them split , and still not being enough to get you guys back on track.

Pain is using money to think that it would bring a man closer.

Pain is again at 23 feeling alone while surrounded by so many people.

Pain is watching your best friend cry over and over again..

Pain is pain when pain is all you know…

Pain is my reoccurring tears..

When will I go numb to pain…


Written : June 16th 2017



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