Author: Quantisha Boyd

Good as Void

Following Christ has been such an amazing journey thus far. There are ups and downs of course, but just having that on going fire for God has always kept me afloat. Recently life has took a turn for what I call a total smack down. I've never been the perfect person thus far, but I … Continue reading Good as Void


Nothing is worse than your silent tears The moments when you sit in your room on the bed and tears just fall quietly so you won't wake the others in the home Nothing is worse than your silent tears The moments you need to scream , but nothing seems to come out Nothing is worse … Continue reading Silence


I would wake up thinking about you... How you changed my life completely... Not for the bad..not for the good.. But my life change so distinctively.. I've never cried so much..Never smiled so much.. It's all so weird to me... I'm in a place where I don't expect much.. But I want it all... For … Continue reading You…