So I have been in constant fasting mode the past three weeks! It honestly hasn’t been the easiest, but it has taught me a few things. I started my fast because I went to a great church here in Atlanta Ga called The Dream Center Church of Atlanta. It was an amazing experience and the church as a whole were about to do a fast together. Even though I was just visiting I decided to join in because I knew there were things that I needed to change and doors that I needed open. So I fasted from meat, sweets, and social media. There were additional things that were on the list as well. I didn’t succeed with everything like no cursing and not showing acts of anger. Those things were very hard for me because I’m really trying to better the way I react to certain situations. I’ll have to do additional fasting that!  But I’m over all proud of myself that I stuck with the food part. Being plus size and wanting to loose weight really pushed me to stick with the fast. Not being so focused on social media also helped.

During the hours of 12am-4pm I could only eat veggies and fruit with water. Absolutely no meat was to be eaten at this time. At first this was a true struggle but then I started to learn my way around the kitchen and the groceries store with new ideas. Also even after 4pm I learned how to still eat my veggies with a meat. I also drink smoothies for meal replacements and ate lots of salad(I love salad). Day by day my cravings would kick in! But the only two things I wanted most was bread and chicken! I’ve never wanted to eat bread so bad in my life! That’s literally all I could think about! When I went visit home I actually had two slices of pizza, but it was after 4pm. I even ate wings with my pizza in which they were baked, but the sauce added he calories. Only having water didn’t bother me much because I actually love water. I don’t really drink soda or juice, but I did have to stay away from Gatorade.

I learned that when you sigh when you eat that’s when you’re full! SO STOP EATING! I learned that there are many ways to cook meals with veggies without it being boring. Also  making smoothies were fun! I added avocado and it made the smoothie really smooth! Also keep in mind that Avacado helps with belly fat among other things.

I guess im excited because I started with something and actually finished. I’m proud of myself, but I’m no where near done. This has actually just begun!!! Stay tuned!

*By the way  I got grumpy on some days from being hungry and wanting something I couldn’t have! Don’t judge! I’m human!


  1. Shaniqua Carter · September 26, 2018

    I’m So Very Proud Of You Babe! Keep Up The Great Work. Keep Reaching For Your Dreams Until They Become Reality!

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