Was and Now..

looking forward

Who am I?

The girl everyone seems to hate

The girl who hates to be late

because she hates the stares that everyone gives her when she walks in the room.

Who am I?

The confused girl

The lonely girl

because every guy she meets is so interested in the beginning

But decides to leave in the end

Who am I?

The girl who everyone thinks will succeed

But is overwhelmed with the responsibility of not doing her best while everyone is looking.

The girl who smiles and beams with sunshine on the outside

But screams help me within her heart

Who am I?

The girl who still runs back to the men who hurt her most

The girl who looks at herself in the mirror and still doesn’t understand why she doesn’t choose herself  first

Who am I?

The girl who thinks she’s so far behind in life

So she can’t remain hype about the good moves she’s making


That’s Who I was…

Who am I now…

Strong minded..

Because the man who she once loved told her otherwise.


Because she took every mistake and turned it into a lesson


Because even though she cares about others happiness.. She just started to put hers first


Because she won’t let herself become depressed by what others have done to hurt her..

One step ahead..

Because she won’t let the dangers around her knock her back to the place she once was


Because she has felt the pain.. heard the hate…and wiped the tears in her eyes


From the inside out.. and no one can tell her different..



6 thoughts on “Was and Now..

  1. Yesss Tisha, I love the poem. You’ve been an inspiration to me since Day 1, keep writing and inspiring others. Love you babes and I’m def. subscribing 😘😘


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