My heart had been feeling so flimsy. If I could hold it in my hand it would fall through my fingers like jelly. Falling to the floor so quickly only to be spread everywhere. Small pieces all over the floor. Picking up what I can but knowing ill miss some pieces. Have to mop up the small pieces while knowing my heart may never return to it’s original size and fullness. Learning to love with my new heart would be such a challenge. Trying my best not to over work it because it may become weak again. Hoping a new love will assist with spreading my heart back to its size, slowly but carefully. Praying that love for me will fulfill it. Missing its original beat. It sounds faint, quiet, and still. I worry that it’s grown so dull that it’ll never be the same. Will it ever feel again something so pure. I lay here still on my back. I no longer feel it…beating.

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