I was driving to a friends house to get away from all the chaos that has been happening around me. I took one of those long back roads because I just needed to be away from everything. This back road was long but quiet. Little to no traffic. As I passed many trees my eyes were starting to fill with tears. I guess in that moment the trees were getting to live more freely than me. I continue to drive as I wiped my face from disbelief that my life was currently at this place. Then I came to this stop. The traffic light was flashing red. I was so stuck just staring at this particular light and sign. I know this just simply means you can go left or right, but stop and look first. But when I looked at it, it felt a little different this day.

When I say the flashing red lights of course it made me stop. It made me stop to take a breath. It made me stop to try and think more clearly. It made me stop and analyze what way may be better for me to take. Those flashing lights meant STOP beyond what everyone saw them to be. For me those flashing red lights meant stop and pay attention to all the decisions I make from that day forward. It’s important to take a moment or moments to just think. Not to overwhelm yourself, but to think clear enough for you to make an accurate decision.

The S.R. just meant State Route, but for me it meant Steer Right! And not just steer to the RIGHT, but steer in the RIGHT DIRECTION. The Arrows indicated to go left or right. Stop before you make a decision, and truly think about the pros and cons of the choice you are going to make. I stared at this traffic light and traffic sign for a good 5 minutes because it spoke wonders to me. What are my risk for going in opposite direction? Will I make it? Will I fail if I go this route? What opportunities will present themselves by going to the left rather than the right? Honestly, my biggest question is which direction does God want me to go in? What way will he approve of? What better serves a purpose for my life?

I never want to make a life decision that will deter me from receiving the blessings that God has for my life. I know that what ever God has planned for me is way better than any decision that I can choose. I guess I’m in a place where I need God to speak clearly this time as far as which direction I need to go. Whether it’s to the left or the right direction, I know the outcome will be great.

So, if you’re in a place in your life where you feel stuck, and you’re not sure which direction. Take time to confirm with God before you make any decision. Especially when you are unsure of the outcome due to that decision. God loves us, and wants nothing but the best for us. He doesn’t want us to take any extra paths that will add time to the journey he is leading us on.

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