Slipping Away..

I’m usually AFRAID to let go..

To let go of your hand because..I know another hand will replace mine.

AFRIAD…to loosen my embrace because I know the warmth you give me will escape me.

AFRAID…to close my eyes because I may loose sight of what we stood for in the beginning.

AFRAID.. to walk away because something tells me you won’t run behind me.

But, TODAY, I’m no longer afraid

I’m letting go of your hand because our hands no longer seem to fit perfectly.

I’m loosening my embrace because it feels cold here now.

I’m not afraid to walk away because I know it has to be something better.

See, I remember being AFRAID to loose you, your mind, your body, your soul.

Until, I realized that I fell in love with the idea of the person you could be.

Yet, still while being afraid to loose the man you were.

I’m free..

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