Different phases of falling

Things always seem to be so great in the beginning…

Feelings are so pure.. Smiles are so warm..

Hugs are so tight…But gentle..

Gentle as the touch of someones fingertips sliding down your skin..

Everything seems to be so exciting..funny..adventurous

Because of charm you over look the signs that tell you STOP AHEAD…

Continue to walk in the bliss off oblivion..

Continue to hold hands with the very thing that will break you down..

Kiss the lips that will curse you and put you down…

Look into the very eyes that will lie to you…As those same eyes watch the tears fall down your face..

Time passes and you feel yourself slipping away from everything that seemed so right..

You grabbed the rope to hang on to while he has you dangled in the air…

The rope is breaking day by day…your starting to sweat..you know it’s coming to an end..

your fingers are slipping…your palms are burning from the constant pain of being strong and holding on..

The rope BREAKS…As you fall the face of the very thing that tore you apart starts to disappear…They’re gone..

Then you realize…you’re free…

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