So, THIS HAPPENED ON MY 25TH BIRTHDAY!!! I had an amazing time with my friends and family. This birthday was truly an eye opener for me!! It was so hectic planning this event to it became a ” Come if you can” type of event. I was surrounded by so much love and happiness on this weekend, but at the same time there were tears of sadness. For some reason I always cry on my birthday. Told myself not this year, but it happened anyway.

25 means a lot of change for me because my year 24 was definitely a learning experience for me. More so a learning experience about relationships, friendships, careers, and my happiness over others. I’ve also learned more things about myself than most years. This year I got to see first hand how it feels to love the people around me wholeheartedly , but not receive it back. I’ve gotten a taste of selfishness from others, and blatant disrespect from others as well. But what makes me feel like this year was worth every tear is that after all that, I still chose to love the same way I always have. If there was any difference it’s that I chose my feelings over others this time. Instead of being the same bigger person I chose to let people go, and continue my life as if nothing ever happened ( even though it still hurts a little).

Career wise I’ve learned that I have to be in a work place where I am helping someone, but in person. I want to be hands on with the people around me encouraging, uplifting, and changing lives. I realize that I’m so focused on loving people who don’t appreciate it that I forget that there are millions of people who actually need the love that I so much want to give. I have spent my year 24 at a job that doesn’t fit me as a person. I’ve tried to fit in as far as making sure I do everything correctly. I’ve even tried to make myself like the job, but nothing worked. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want to waste my time working in a place where I’m constantly unhappy. I want to do what I LOVE! And that’s giving unconditional love every where I go! Around the world ! To my neighbors! Everyone! I want to Spend my life giving people what God continues to give me every day of my life and that’s love.

As for my life beyond 25, I want to make different choices that’s going to benefit me in the long run. I want to focus on love, family, education, health, and most importantly my relationship with God. My family has had my back through everything, and I truly love them for it. Without family many things would be hard, so I will make sure I return the favor. I will love and inspire others all around me. I will loose weight and be successful at it long term. I will finish my degree! And most importantly I will be the best woman of God that the Lord needs me to be!! I will not yell, argue, or belittle others when they hurt me. I will learn to walk away. I WILL!!! SUCCEED IN EVERYTHING THAT I PUT MY MIND TOO! NOT ONLY WILL 25 BE GOOD TO ME BUT THE YEARS TO COME WILL BE AMAZINGLY GREAT AS WELL!!! I WILL TRUST AND BELIEVE IN MYSELF AND IN GOD!! THIS IS NOT THE END BUT ONLY THE BEGINNING.


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