I recently started school for my BS degree and have not written anything on my blog! It sucks because I love writing, but it shows the fact that I honestly don’t stick with certain things.  I take breaks, but need to make it a lifetime thing.

This actually brings me to something I’ll be adding to my blog which is my journey to be a healthier me. I’ll of course write about the changes I go through, lazy days, days I feel like quitting. Things that a normal person like me would go through. But there still will be other writings as well! I realized that my blog is for me, but it’s also to inspire someone one day.

My blog will continue to be real and honest. My life experiences, stories that I have written, and things that I feel strongly about. If you are apart of my blog thank you for even taking the time out to read it. I’m a slacker and a procrastinator at best! Something that I plan on changing! Advice is always welcome!  Collabs as well with writing!


I’m getting back at it!


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