A Love Letter


Dear Love,

I no longer want to be apart of the world you live in. I no longer want to long for the thrills of you. I no longer want to see the things you could do….Like tear us apart from the ones we care about .Distance us from the things we take so much time to think about. I use to 
love you love…But then you really showed me who you really were. I was so young and I was just starting to feel the goose bumps you would make rise on my skin. I was starting to feel my heart skip beats and my cheeks become hot. Love you made me feel as though I was flying through the sky. You made me feel like life was worth living. I felt you through my family, friends, and even sometimes from enemies. As I started to grow …Love you got hard, But I was willing to play your game to Keep you around. We were so close..and you started to drift in certain situations. They use to tell me that you were unfailing. I believed them…They told me you were Kind, I believed them, But they also told me I was supposed to have you in my life. I believed them then too, But you started to waiver. You were strong in which made me strong….But then at times you got weak in which I got weaker…Love you made me cry so many times from misunderstandings and pain. You made me feel unwanted so many times to where I thought I wanted to die. I believed in you Love, But you turned your back on me. I thought I needed you SO BAD to where I would die without you, but all you ever made me want to do was die when I thought I had you…I hate you with everything in me. How can  I learn to Love you Love if nothing ever good comes from you. How can I  have you in my life when all you bring is tears to my eyes…Love you don’t make me feel warm inside anymore…My heart is cold…I wish I never met you…Because Love you never Loved me…


How can you even say those things about me? When you were brought into this world I was the first one there. I made your mom and dads heart skip a beat, I made there cheeks feel warm. I bought them even closer together. You hate me, but I’m the reason you smile whether the tears are there or not. The first time you walked..I was there to make your Mom smile. It was me she felt when you went to kindergarten. It was me who was there when your dad taught you how to ride a bike and roller blade. I brought up those feelings that no one could make you or them feel. The first time you scraped your toe and you cried; I was there when your dad bandaged you up and kissed your forehead. I’m sorry that once you got older that you started to stray away from the real love around you to find a new type of ME! A me that maybe wouldn’t always last! I didn’t tell you to kiss those little boys that meant you no good! You were so young  when you started to want me in a different way. As you got older and went to high school, that’s when things started to get serious. Yeah..maybe I wasn’t always there for you, but maybe that’s what you needed. Maybe I did cause some of your broken hearts! your tears! Your pain….But you had to learn Tisha that Yes the people around you are SUPPOSE to love each other, but the love that you started to look for would always be risky!. Did you realize that the love you had for yourself wasn’t there? Did you ask yourself that? You Loved me!!! You loved the thought of me! you Loved the feeling of me!! but you didn’t even take the time out to Love me enough to Love yourself…Not only that! But while your out slandering my name, Remember the thought of me Came from God….I’m Easy going, I’m forgiving, Compassionate, Understanding , Unfailing…I’m everything you are because of God. So before you give up on me Tisha, Think about the things you’ll be giving up on. More so the spiritual being that Created me. Remember that whoever lives in love lives in God. I live in God…and so do you…I’m sorry they hurt you and left you with the scares to live with.  I promise they’ll heal, and you’ll no longer remember that they’re there.

Even when you’re yelling at me through a 
letter, I still feel those chills on my skin. My cheeks still feel warm. You will always be the strong embrace I need even on a sunny day. Giving up on you would be giving up on God. Because of the unfailing love that he created, he is always able to pull be back into his embrace. Now that’s love, and that’s why I love you…Love


  1. Shaniqua Carter · June 23, 2018

    This Hit Home! I Felt Everything You Said.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LeShann Wilder · June 24, 2018

    There is very heart felt. I could you and love struggling to come at arms with each other. Love is the teacher of all things that is and what is to come. Understand that with Love speaking back at you it is telling you that there is nothing without love. I love personification that you gave love. It brought you back home to understand that love started with your parents and that love from the others were not “your” love. Beautiful letter.

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    • Quantisha Boyd · June 24, 2018

      Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it! This one means a lot to me because It’s definitely how I felt not to long ago. I have to remember that love is unconditional and I’ll always need it.


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